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Why the blog?

January 26, 2007

To this outside world, I come off as introverted, geeky, wallflower-ish (if that’s even a word), and basically, shy. Most of the time, I have difficulty expressing myself (verbally). Blogging gives me the opportunity of unleashing my creative and daring sides that might otherwise remain cloistered away inside me.

This online journal is my personal diary; my time-capsule. I can share an opinion of a TV show episode, the latest State of the Union Address, a song lyric, and even my moods. Not only that, the blog allows others to comment on my diary, and also, comment on my comment(s). I blog because I’m interested in what other people have to say and think about my words.

Blogging is my “brain dump”. Thoughts…spilling out all the time…no where to put them. A chance to think out loud!

It’s a little bit of ego. Publishing this individualized “newspaper” or “journal” with interesting entries (hacks, clever observations, etc.) that I think others will go “nuts” over, and knowing this will be read by a plethora of readers, is very stimulating 🙂

I blog because I want to be part of this WordPress community. This blog-village that shares information on everything! Writing this blog allows me access to all of what WP and its bloggers have to offer. It’s fun!

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